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While experiencing rapid growth, The Krueger Group looked to the adjacent warehouse space next to our office to serve as our conference center. Working within the existing 1,140 square feet footprint, we were determined to incorporate unique architectural materials and mementos that were salvaged from past projects into a design that was equal parts a celebration of our past and functional space that supports a culture of openness and creativity.

Design features include:

  • A fireplace that was salvaged from a renovation project of a home that was built in 1910. With the fireplace hearth being salvaged sandstone sidewalks.
  • A stone feature wall that is made up of stones that were salvaged from a foundation of a home that was built before 1900.
  • A drafting table that was gifted to our founder by one of his cherished mentors, architect Joseph Ceruti.
  • A sailboat that was rescued from a lifetime of permanent dust filled storage from a renovation project of a home that was built in 1910. Painstakingly refinished by artisans, it was installed as the centerpiece where it resides on sandstone capstones that were salvaged from a demoed chimney. Finishing off the restoration, the sailboat was adorned with size-8 Micron skates that were used by all four Krueger children to learn how to skate.
  • Exit devices and solid brass door hardware, including doorknobs and hinges that were salvaged from the former Van Sweringen Suite in Cleveland’s Terminal Tower.
  • Doors and cabinets that were salvaged from a renovation project of a home that was built in 1910.
  • Stainless steel sink tops that were salvaged from a renovation project of a home that was built in 1910.
  • Gears from a demoed elevator that were installed onto wooden blocks and put on display.
  • Sculptures from our founder’s private collection, including one-of-a-kind pieces by Norbert Koehn.
  • An original Viktor Schreckengost pedal pursuit plane.
  • Bronze statue of Saint Francis of Assisi beckoning a bird.
  • Ceiling mounted Stromberg Electric Co. clock.
  • Grandfather clock from our founder’s private collection.
  • A stone gargoyle that stands guard like a sentinel at the base of the stairs to the mezzanine office.
  • Mezzanine office space.
  • 19’ high wall filled with framed memorabilia and articles, awards received, cherished photos, thank you notes and an original The Born Loser comic strip by Art and Chip Sansom.
  • A professionally landscaped enclosed courtyard, complete with Ipe wood deck, mounted deer head, and water feature.

+ We were honored to have our office showcased in The Plain Dealer’s Cool Spaces in their Sunday, August 9, 2015, print.

ClientThe Krueger Group
ServicesDesign/Build,Construction Management
LocationCleveland, Ohio
ArchitectBlatchford Architects
PhotographerCarl Staub

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