Stonebrook Montessori opened its doors in 2015 thanks to our generous supporters and the sincere dedication of The Krueger Group. The multi-million dollar renovation project is transforming the historic Amasa Stone House of Glenville into a home-like school facility suited to place-based learning and a source of pride for the neighborhood. A feasibility study determined that the Amasa Stone House, which had been abandoned for 12 years, had the capacity to meet the design requirements of the school to house Montessori classrooms, specialty rooms, a community room, a commercial kitchen, faculty spaces and administrative offices.

Bob Krueger and his team have turned our vision into reality by renovating the building in phases as funds are being raised and the school is growing. Stonebrook Montessori is the first public Montessori charter school in the state of Ohio and is providing new educational opportunities for the children and families of Cleveland.

Under the leadership of Bob Krueger, the Krueger Group has a 35 year history of involvement with Montessori schools. When Bob’s children were students at Ruffing Montessori School on the west side of Cleveland, he started working with the school principal to identify solutions to space problems. Today, Bob has a strong understanding of the specific needs of Montessori environments. Over the years, the Krueger team has expanded learning opportunities in schools by adding classrooms, greenhouses, and learning centers, as well as completely renovating historical buildings to accommodate grow­ing student needs.

Bob’s team understands the specific needs and goals of the Stonebrook Montessori project. They are careful to respect and maintain characteristics of the Amasa Stone House, reusing and repurposing many of the original materials while creating a modern learning environment. Their work reflects a sensitivity to archi­tecture, student needs, facility require­ments, and of course, budget and timeframe.

The Krueger Group’s work at Stonebrook Montessori is a testament to their dedication and passion, as well as high-quality work and craftsmanship. We are grateful for their ongoing support and commitment to making Stonebrook Montessori a very special place for children.