I am making this recommendation for the Krueger Group on behalf of Ruffing Montessori School.  The Krueger Group had previously done major renovation jobs for Ruffing so we had no hesitation calling on them to put on a major addition to the school.

They started this job in March, 2020 in the midst of the pandemic.  In order for us to open for in-person student learning the addition had to be finished by September, 2020.  Previous to March, 2020 Bob Krueger met with all interested parties in order to figure out their needs.  Bob then put together a plan that, not only met our needs, but surpassed them. At the time I was working with Bob, and during the construction, I had many people tell me that there was no way the job would be finished in time to start school.  Bob Krueger, Bobby Krueger, and Danny Krueger kept reassuring me that we would be able to open.  Needless to say they finished the project on time.  Also, I might add the quality of the finished project went well beyond our expectations.

Having now been involved with a number of projects that The Krueger Group has successfully completed for a number of Montessori organizations I think that the main reason I highly recommend The Krueger Group is the oversight and attention to detail that Bob, Bobby, and Danny give to each project in the planning stage, in the construction stage, and after the projects are finished.  The Krueger’s have the unique talent to really understand what each client’s needs are, and being the most practical people I have ever met, meeting those needs in the best way possible.