In the fall of 2013, the Laumer-Corrigan family started working on a project that we thought would move quickly.  In our mind, we found a building that we could make minor changes to, and then we would open for business.  Well, it took some time to acquire the building and then came the details of the planning.  In our search for a compatible construction company, we met with three architects and three construction companies.  After many hours of meetings and private conversations, we zeroed in on The Krueger Group.

With the decision made, we were off and running to many unthought-of ideas and concepts.  Our own family member, Alan, had some very creative ideas and then we met up with Bob and his entire staff.  A whole world of space and versatility was revealed to us by these creative people.

The Krueger Group is very forward thinking.  One of the very first things we did was tour some locations that they had created.  With our interest and desire piqued by these trips, we were ready to press on with our funeral home.  After a month of discussions and blueprints complete, we were ready to submit plans to the city.  Unfortunately, the title search did not reveal a sewer easement that we had planned to build on.  With the willingness of the architect and the Krueger Group, we were able to redesign our plan quickly and be ready for the next city meeting.  After this delay, time flew with one phase completed after the other and we were finally ready to open.

The incredible energy and enthusiasm of the Krueger Group truly makes them distinctive.  The entire staff takes great pride in their work and the finished product.  The site was always cleaned up for safe inspection, a true hallmark of their company.  If obstacles arose, we were contacted and consulted about a viable solution to the problem (and with an older building surprises happen).  As a general contractor, they introduced us to very fine trades people.

When we opened on November 1, 2014 we were so pleased to invite the public to visit and tour our funeral home.  It was with great pride that we told our guests that the Krueger Group made our dream a reality. Bob Krueger’s reassurance that if anything would go wrong, he said, “The Krueger Group will be your first call.”  His staff is phenomenal.